Latest mPesa Stats and Facts

Taken from Safaricom’s published half-year results for the period ending September 2009 and Central Bank of Kenya reports. Note in particular that Safaricom are making a profit from M-PESA:

1. 8.3 million registered customers, of which the majority are deemed to be active. This corresponds to a penetration of 57% in Safaricom’s customer base and 21% of the entire population or 40% of adults.[
2. 14,000 retail stores at which M-PESA users can cash in and cash out.
3. USD 300 million per month in person-to-person (P2P) transfers. On an annualized basis, this is equal to roughly 10% of Kenyan gross domestic product (GDP). Although transactions per customer have been on a rising trend, they remain quite low, between 1-2 transactions per month.
4. USD 650 million per month in cash deposits and withdrawal transactions at M-PESA stores. The average transaction size is around USD 33, but Vodafone notes that half the transactions are for a value of less than USD 10.
5. In the 2009 FinAccess survey, one quarter of M-PESA users reported using their phones for storing money. The average balance reported in following a government audit of M-PESA in August 2009 revealed that the average balance on M-PESA accounts was only $3.
6. USD 7 million in monthly revenue (based on the six months to September 2009). This is equal to 8% of Safaricom revenues.
7. 19% of Safaricom airtime purchases are conducted through M-PESA.
8. There are 27 companies using M-PESA for bulk distribution of payments. Safaricom itself used it to distribute dividends on Safaricom stock to 180,000 individual shareholders who opted to receive their dividends into their M-PESA accounts, out of a total of 700,000 shareholders.
9. Since the launch of the bill pay function in March 2009, there are 75 companies using M-PESA to collect payments from their customers. The biggest user is the electric utility company, which now has roughly 20% of their one million customers paying through M-PESA.

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