“From Afghanistan to Silicon Valley: Mobile Financial Service for the Next Billion Customers”

I was thrilled to see so many people at our kickoff of the Mobile Payments Series on September 3rd at Wharton’s MBA San Francisco offices.  Thank you to the Wharton MBA and HBS Tech Alumni Clubs as well as Wharton San Francisco for co-hosting the event and for use of their wonderful facilities.   The 100+ attendance of the event speaks to the degree of interest in this exciting industry. 

Thank you to our wonderful panelists, Camille Busette (Regulatory Expert), Aiaze Mitha (Implementation Expert), Naeem Zafar (Startup Expert), and Monica Brand (Investment Expert) all around mobile financial services for the unbanked.

Many of you have indicated your interest in being able to view the presentations and to receive upcoming event notices.  I will be posting notices on the LinkedIn group:  Mobile Payments Series – mPay Connect  and the slides are now up on the www.mpayconnect.com website  at the “Resources” area.

Some interesting questions, takeaways, and future areas to address from the audience:

  1. What about interoperability?
  2. Will mobile payments ever take off in the US? (potentially a next topic of discussion)
  3. What are the security hurdles you’ve seen?
  4. How do regulatory issues affect commercialization efforts?
  5. What about China and India? (another great topic for a future discussion)
  6. How can investors better find investment opportunities and vice versa?

I look forward to seeing you at the event in October at Google’s headquarters, this time hosted by HBS Tech Club.

Thank you!

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