Latest Forecasts for mPayments around the Unbanked

“The economic crisis has not only highlighted the weaknesses of the global financial system but also created a unique opportunity for developing countries to chart a new course and help the world economy back on its feet, says Alfred Hannig, Executive Director of the newly formed Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI)… 

There are more than three billion people in developing countries earning less than US$2 a day – half of the world’s population – without access to savings accounts, 

insurance and other formal financial services,” says Hannig. “That’s a huge, untapped reservoir of economic potential.”




Courtesy of McKinsey and Co & CGAP:
In Africa, statistics are:
• Mobiles: 526 per 1,000
• Fixed line phones: 132 per 1,000
• PCs: 61 per 1,000
Mobile Money Forecasts for the UnBanked in Africa (earning under $2 / day)

• The number of unbanked people with mobile phones is expected to increase from 1 billion today to 1.7 billion
• Up to 290 million previously unbanked people could be using mobile money services
• Mobile money has the potential to deliver US$5 billion in direct revenues and US$2.5 billion in indirect revenues per year to mobile operators

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